Promotional Inflatables As Excellent Marketing Tools.


Promotional Inflatables are effective, striking, reliable and provide a great way to reflect your corporate identity. Promotional Inflatables puts your brand in the spotlight and raises awareness for your products and services like no other advertising hardware. With your branding placed on our giant inflatables, your brand will come alive and evoke a sense of high success to the public.

Fully branded with your logo and messages, or customized with colourful LED lights for a fuller effect at night, Promotional Inflatables will Effectively attract a huge audience to your brand, products, and services 24/7. Deploy them at any Public/Private Events, High Traffic Areas, Product Launches, Promotions, Exhibitions or just in your Business Premises and watch as they give an excellent impression of your brand.


 Promotional inflatable products are quick to set up & can be reused countless times, Thereby saving you some advertising money by greatly reducing the recurring costs on promotional advertising. Promotional inflatable products can also be deployed in ways and places that conventional advertising products cannot achieve. e.g. Remote event locations, The sky, large Water bodies, Roadshows, and in fact, virtually Anywhere!.


Promotional Inflatable products capture attention in a unique way unlike traditional advertising hardware such as billboards and banners which are static and can sometimes be missed by the passing traffic. Promotional Inflatable advertisements are virtually unmissable because of their unconventional designs, captivating 3D shapes, larger than life sizes, and of course the surprise dramatic element that comes with them. Hence, they efficiently grab the attention of the audience thereby having a high potential of turning a prospect into a customer.

Make a Difference, Give your Marketing the Three-dimensional Depth & Presence of a Promotional inflatable. Attract Attention, Improve your Marketing Campaigns, and Make an Everlasting impression on your Target Customers!


Support Services

SkyInflate offers a range of qualitative services to help your event activities run smoothly. We endeavor to fulfill your needs at all times, all you have to do is tell us what you want, and leave the rest to us. Getting started is simple! just give us a call on +254-712133500 or email us at to place an order, and send your artwork in AI format. If custom design, send the design, concept or image of what you'd like us to produce. It is advised to place orders at least one month before your event. Throughout the process, we can offer insight into what type of inflatable would work best for you and how it can be used.
Highlighted below is a list of some of our support services.


When you purchase a blimp or any inflatables from us, we are always willing to help you deploy them successfully. We have highly skilled and experienced personnel who are ready to help you install, operate and manage your inflatables at your events anywhere in the world.


Most of our products come with operational accessories and repair kits. E.g. air blowers, air hoses, repair kits, to help you able to operate your inflatables and fix them in case they get broken. However, we are always available to help with any repairs or maintenance needs that come up.


You can count on us to train you about the maintenance of your inflatables, and how to operate them. We also offer free training on how and when to best operate your inflatables.

KCAA Permits

For Kenyan purchases, we will apply to the Kenyan Civil Aviation Authority on your behalf, for permission to fly your purchased airships above your event locations and premises. Applications usually take 1-14 days to process and we will follow up on it, as we get on with the production of your promotional inflatables.

City Council Permits

We can also apply to the Nairobi City Council and other county Governments on your behalf, for advertising permit to enable you to fly your Airships and other inflatable promotional products at your premises or event locations. Applications usually take 1-15 days and we will keep tabs on it as we get on with the production of your inflatables.

Helium Gas

We are sure to adequately meet all your Helium gas needs to ensure your blimps and any of your bespoke promotional inflatables remain in flight. At your request, we will promptly deliver the purest helium gas at reasonable costs.